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Suma Root

Suma root is natural testosterone booster with an amazing nutritional profile. Used by Amazonian locals for centuries to increase energy, fertility and health, Suma Root is also rumoured to have been a favourite of Russian athletes during the time they dominated the Olympics in the 70’s.

  • Premium Suma Root Powder
  • Naturally boosts testosterone levels
  • Contains 19 amino acids
  • High in electrolytes, vitamins & minerals
  • Aids muscle growth, endurance and strength
  • Increases libido & sexual performance
  • Combats stress, oxygenates cells & promotes cell regeneration
  • Acts against cancer, disease & inflammation
  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • 100% natural herbal supplement
  • Contains the natural compound ecdysterone, believed to be more anabolic than some steroids


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Product Description

The Russian Secret

There is an air of mystique surrounding this fascinating plant from South America, and for good reason. It is rumoured that Suma root, also known as ‘Brazilian Ginseng’, was used by the Russian Olympic team to enhance performance following experiments carried out by V.N. Syrov in 1976. Coincidently, this just so happened to be the Olympics where the Russians ranked first with 45 golds, 41 silvers and 35 bronzes.

The hype train surrounding Suma Root really began to pick up speed when Syrov extracted a compound from the plant called ecdysterone. To his surprise, Syrov found that ecdysterone exerted more of an anabolic effect than dianabol and methandrostenolone – both anabolic steroids. This correlated with the findings of Okui and Otaka in 1968, who had discovered that ecdysterone had a similar effect on protein synthesis in rats as 4-chlorotestosterone, a potent anabolic steroid.

Following Syrov’s studies, which were carried out in vitro (just science talk for tests not conducted directly on people or animals), he began introducing Suma Root and ecdysterone extracts to the Russian Olympic team. Here is a snippet from one of his reports:

“Experiment participants first noted a “sense of well-being” within 3-5 days, and a new increased desire to get to their next training session. Weight lifters experienced much less pain during heavy lifts when they took Suma. These researchers recommended 500 mg. for every 40 lbs. of body weight, spread out evenly in two divided doses, for the maximum gain in muscle strength and size. During a 54-day period (almost 8 weeks), the dosage was only taken on days 1-10, 16-25, and days 31-40. Despite the 24 days off the herb, researchers reported that Suma’s effects were still felt by the athletes on the off days.”

What’s so good about Suma Root?

Before Syrov began assessing Suma’s ability to boost athletic performance; indigenous Amazonians had been using it for thousands of years to enhance general health and virility. To them, the Russian Secret was known as ‘Para Todo’, meaning ‘for all things’. Science seems to support the beliefs surrounding this plant’s wide ranging health benefits. In addition to enhancing muscular strength and endurance, research seems to suggest that Suma Root may:

1) Possess anti-cancerous properties
2) Support the immune system
3) Oxygenate cells, promotes cell regeneration and combats stress
4) Improve libido and remedies impotence
5) Assist the endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems
6) Function as an anti inflammatory
7) Regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol
8) Possess powerful antioxidants

The proposed benefits of Suma are no surprise when you look at its nutritional profile. As well as containing 19 amino acids, Suma Root is bursting with a wide range of electrolytes, vitamins B1, B2, A, K1, K2, E, trace minerals (including iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, cobalt, manganese, silica, zinc, selenium and germanium), steroidal saponins and flavonoids.

Quite simply, the wide range of benefits attributed to Suma Root could be due to its remarkable nutritional profile. On paper, it has all the key components necessary to boost testosterone synthesis, muscle mass and health while enhancing athletic performance and recovery.

Will Suma Root work the same way as an anabolic steroid?

In short, the answer is no.

Anabolic steroids contain forms of testosterone, herbal products do not. If the dose is high enough, anabolic steroids have the potential to unnaturally increase muscle mass and strength because they flood the body with androgenic hormones. We won’t go into the long term consequences of anabolic steroid use, because we don’t want to sound preachy – but they’re not very good.

Suma root on the other hand, like all herbal products, works in a completely different way in relation to testosterone. Due to its unique composition of B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin K2, zinc, magnesium, ecdysteroids, saponins, and steroidal glycosides, Suma Root has all the building blocks necessary to encourage the body to naturally increase testosterone production while offsetting stress related declines. However, as a natural product, it won’t elicit the unnatural increases in testosterone possible with anabolic steroids.

What can be confusing is the fact that Suma Root contains a highly anabolic natural component called ecdysterone – and we’ve just spent a fair bit time demonising steroids. While it may be true that structurally speaking ecdysterone is a steroid (but so is cholesterol), it operates in a completely different way to classic androgen binding anabolic steroids. Ecdysterone has much broader physiological effects and as well as boosting protein synthesis brings with it a myriad of additional health benefits.

In summary, you shouldn’t expect unnatural muscle growth and strength gains as a result of taking Suma Root. Yes, it does contain the wonder steroid ecdysterone, but it’s not present in the concentrations necessary to elicit drastic physiological changes.

So what can I expect from Suma Root?

Suma Root is an amazing natural source of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, electrolytes, steroidal saponins and ecdysterone. Based on the research and its nutritional profile, we believe that Suma Root has the potential to boost your muscle mass, strength, health, energy, recovery and libido if taken consistently and combined with a good diet and smart training.

Suggested Use

For muscle and performance enhancement take 2-3g of Suma Root Powder per day. It mixes well with pretty much everything including water, protein shakes and fruit juices.


100% pure organic Suma Root powder

Important Information

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not exceed the stated dose.


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