All UK orders, unless otherwise stated, are dispatched by Royal Mail Tracked 48. It will usually take between 2-4 working days for your items to arrive with this service. We say 2-4 working days because although we do our best to ensure same day dispatch on all orders placed before 2 pm, we can’t always guarantee it.

How much does it cost?

The following charges apply to all UK orders and are subject to change at any time.

Orders under £50.00 = £2.95
Orders £50.00 and over = Free delivery

Do I have to sign for the package?

With Royal Mail tracked you don’t need to sign for your package. Following a successful delivery, Royal Mail electronically sign and record that you (or a neighbour) have received the item(s).

What happens if I’m not in when the package is delivered?

If you aren’t in to receive your package, then Royal Mail will try to leave it with a neighbour. If successfully left with a neighbour, you will receive a card indicating where your item(s) can be found. In this event we recommend that you collect your package as quickly as possible. If anyone gets wind of what’s in it, you might not see it again. When it comes to gains, nobody can be trusted – yes, that includes the sweet little old lady who bakes you cookies on your birthday.

What happens if my package couldn’t be left with a neighbour?

If your package couldn’t be left with a neighbour, you will be a left a card and the item(s) will be returned to your local Royal Mail delivery office. You then have the option to collect your package or request a free redelivery.

Can I organise for my package to be sent from the delivery office to a local post office for pickup?

Yes you can, but please note that Royal Mail charge 70p per item (regardless of weight) for transporting a package from their delivery office to a local post office. This fee is payable at the post office when you collect your package.

How long is my package held at the Royal Mail delivery office?

Your package will be held there for 18 calendar days before it’s sent back to us.

Is redelivery from my local Royal Mail delivery office free of charge?

Yes, you can contact Royal Mail and organise for your package to be redelivered, free of charge, to any address of your choice.

If my package is sent back to you after 18 calendar days, will you resend it free of charge?

Unfortunately, if your package is returned to our warehouse then you will have to pay a redelivery charge if you want us to send it back out to you. This fee will be the same delivery cost charged on your first order.

Can’t my order just be left in a safe place if I’m not in?

With Royal Mail tracked, your package will only be left in a safe place if one has been specified when you placed your order. If you would like to request this, then please add a ‘delivery note’ during the checkout process.

What if I don’t want my package to be left with a neighbour?

By default, if you aren’t in, Royal mail will always try to leave your package with a neighbour. However, if you aren’t comfortable with this (we’re sorry you have creepy neighbours by the way), then you can collect and complete an opt-out form from your local post office. Following this, Royal Mail will log your address, and if you aren’t in, bypass your neighbours and return your item(s) to the delivery office for you to collect or schedule a redelivery.

What packaging will my item(s) arrive in?

Our products arrive in stand up resealable pouches. These pouches are customer and eco-friendly and provide a high barrier against moisture, oxygen, odours and contamination. They’re also multilayered and opaque which prevents light denaturing the products in any way. As an added bonus, most orders will fit through a letterbox enabling you to receive your item(s) when you’re not in.

Will tablets/capsules arrive in plastic pots?

Tablets and capsules will also arrive in resalable pouches. Pouches are more environmentally and customer friendly then pots. Pouches use less plastic and we’ve also found that some tablets break up in the pots because they rattle around.

Do you deliver to countries within the EU?

Yes, we offer an EU Tracked delivery (no signature required). This is charged at £8.95.

. Do you deliver to countries outside of the EU?

Yes, we offer a World Tracked delivery (no signature required). This is charged at £10.95